The Story Behind This Special Father Daughter WEDDING DANCE Song


Always Daddy Father / Daughter Song



I was at a get-together  one evening and a man walked up to me and said


Your Jack, The Music Doctor, aren’t you?


I replied “Yes, I am. Have you been to one of my events?”


He Said, “No….but I write songs” I said “……oh,… that’s nice”


Then he asked “My name’s Mark..Do you need any songs?”


I replied “Uh……….no…not that I can think of…wait a minute, yes, I’m always looking for a new Father Daughter Wedding Dance Song or Mother / Son song for my Brides and Grooms”.


He replied, “Hmm, Okay.” Then he walked away, back to the bar.


I actually didn’t give him a second thought. I often have people come up to me with some sort of ‘idea’ from time to time-but they never really do anything about it.


So… about 3 days go by and my phone rings.. Here is the conversation:


Hello, This is Jack, The Music Doctor’s DJ Service, Can I help you?


Yeah, This is Mark


“Okay, ……..uh……….Mark who?”


The guy that writes songs…I have your Father Daughter Wedding Dance Song ”


“You…….have a …Father / Daughter Wedding Dance Song ?”  …In 3 days?………………(I’m thinking–………right…)


“So You want to hear it?”


“Uh, …yeah, sure…. go ahead and play it for me-I’ll listen to it over the phone, do you play it on a guitar?”


“Actually, you have to come down here to Carson City to listen to it” (25 miles)


(Again, I’m thinking… “You’ve got to be joking?”)


“Here is my address”


So he gives me his address…I don’t remember how, but, he actually talks me into coming down to Carson City from Reno


So here I am the same day driving to Carson City to see someone I don’t even know! I finally find his place and knock on his door:


“Hi I’m Jack”


“Hey Jack, come on in back to my bedroom…”


“Your bedroom?…No, …okay,…. I mean..okay,..alright..”


So, I follow him reluctantly back to his room. I see his guitar against the wall and was waiting for him to pick it up and start playing. But, instead he says


“Sit down over on the bed and listen”


So I sit down and then he pulls out a CD and told me to listen



…NOW…here is a small sample of what I heard sitting on that bed in his room…. (There are 2 small breaks…please if you can, listen on a nice sound system or headphones) 

Imagine…..3 days!!!  PLUS… it’s a beautiful waltz!


His name is Mark Hance and the singer is Melanie Trent

The song is “Always Daddy” … It has been used at many weddings and sold all over the U.S. and England

And… that is the story behind this wonderful, simple , elegant, and beautiful song to a Father (Daddy) from his precious daughter.

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Lyrics…(1st Verse)

Without you love and sacrifice
I wonder where I would be,
You gave your thoughts and good advice
You cared for me so tenderly,
I want you to know
That you’ll always be my Daddy


You were there for my first steps
And there for my first words,
As you dance this first dance with me
Remember you’ll always be Dad

(2nd Verse)

You stood today, gave me away
To be a husbands wife,
But I will not forget you Dad
Although I start a new life,
In my heart gladly
You will always be,
Yes– you’ll always be….. My Daddy